About the Main Workshop

Families Recovering from Divorce

This workshop has been presented a number of times in the past. Suffolk County Psychological Association, Nassau County Psychological Association and Collaborative Divorce Resolutions are co-sponsoring this psycho-educational workshop for families that have gone through a divorce. Faculty from these organizations will present this workshop

The workshop:

  1.  Provided information to help families readjust after a divorce
  2. Discussed the series of transitions that families typically go through, beginning when parents live separately. Later transitions may include another person living with a parent and becoming involved with the children, such as a step-parent. For each transition new family rules and communication patterns need to be established.
  3. Indicated how families successfully make these transitions, issues that may interfere with the recovery, and how to overcome these obstacles.
  4. Reported what children/adolescents want to tell their parents after a divorce and during different phases of the transition.

The workshop was designed to be family friendly and while parents can attend alone they are encouraged to bring adolescents and children over 6 years old. Part of the morning includes separate activities for parents, adolescents and children. While the workshop was designed for families, it also can be helpful for one parent, an adult child of divorce or step-parents.

Adolescents and Children

The breakout groups were provided for children and teens to deal with issues common following a divorce, to learn they are not alone, and to share with their parents what does and what does not work for them. The breakout groups were facilitated by experienced psychologists.

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